Be A Golfer And Enjoy The Greens!

No one knows exactly how the game of Golf was originated and where it was started. Some people say that it is a slightly different version of a Roman game called Paganini. However, the modern game of Golf can be traced in the15th century in Scotland and the record shows that this game was banned by the king James II because people were getting distracted by this game and not paying   attention to the game of archery. This ban was lifted by King James IV because he was interested in the game of Golf. The 18 holes game of standard golf-1208900_1920Golf was also introduced in Scotland, so we can say for sure that the Golf is a gift to the world from Scotland.

Nowadays the number of people playing Golf is increasing but still this game remains a game of a certain elite class. The reasons behind such limitation or practice cannot be listed, but the fact remains that only educated people who have a certain level of income seem to be interested in playing the game of Golf. Golf has also become a game where businessmen make business deals and friendly games turn into professional mergers. If you want to learn the game of Golf and become an amateur golfer then you can do so by taking lessons from a professional Golfer. However, it may cost you quite a penny as such lessons are not available for less money.

Ways to Learn The Game of Golf

  • Familiarize yourself with the Golf Course and the driving range so that you have an ideSand-Hills-Golf-Club-Hole-1-3-copya about the way Golf is played. Spend some time with Golfers so that you are familiar with the routine.
  • Once you are familiar with the golf course and the routine, you can take the beginners lessons from a professional who is authorized to give Golf lessons.
  • You need not spend too much amount on clubs for beginner’s lessons. You can purchase a used set of clubs, but you have to make sure that it fits you as a wrong set can cause some problems in the game and even physical discomfort.
  • It is very important you are aware of all the rules in the game of Golf and also the Golf etiquette because it is not called a gentlemen game for nothing. You have to respect your opponent and be honest about your score as these are very importaWhite Horse (9)nt part of Golf.
  • Once you learn the basics of Golf from your lessons, you should practice them on a driving range before you actually play on the Golf course. This will give you confidence and also give you an idea about the challenges faced by a Golfer in an actual game.

These are the steps to be a beginner Golfer. To become proficient in this game and thinking about entering in tournaments, you have to practice a lot. Practice your game by playing with better players so that you will be aware of the mistakes you are making and how to correct them.